Impact on your own situation

To join RSMH can be a first step towards recovery and a better life. One of the great benefits as well as a great opportunity is our work with peer support (kamratstöd). You most definitely need not be alone on your journey and your own experiences of mental health issues gives you unique opportunities to offer insights and support to your fellow travelers.

You are always welcome to join us, at your local association of RSMH, for some coffee, a chat or even participate in some of our activities such as excursions, courses, lectures or potluck dinners. RSMH also have opportunities for you if you want to get involved in organizing and planning the activities yourself.

Many of the local associations of RSMH offer self-help groups where people exchange views and experiences and over time obtain a sense of relief and strength to proceed in life.

RSMH, both on the local and the national level, participates in public debate, generally strive to raise awareness about our group, organize conferences and serve as an important source for facts and insights from a service user’s perspective to authorities and lawmakers.

We support members through training and educational materials in the pursuit to protect their interests in local authority (kommun) and county council (landsting).

Service users today should not simply be concerned with psychiatric care, but rather with the whole of their lives. Their concerns need to include tackling the stigma of mental illness, access to benefits and employment, and opportunities for social inclusion and recovery. In this RSMH is fully committed.