Stöd vårt arbete!

I mer än 50 år har Riksförbundet för Social och Mental Hälsa motarbetat fördomar och stöttat våra medlemmar till ett värdigt liv.

När du blir medlem hjälper du oss att ta en större plats i debatten och vår chans att påverka blir därmed också större. Ditt medlemskap hjälper oss att hjälpa! Ju fler vi är, desto mer kan vi åstadkomma!

Welcome to RSMH

The Swedish National Association for Social and Mental Health (RSMH in Swedish) is a non-governmental organisation, made up of 80 local associations and some 5 000 members. RSMH was founded in 1967 by people with own experiences of mental health problems. RSMH is independent of any political parties or religious organisations.

Improving the care and support

Our mission is to improve the daily lives of people with mental health issues. We aim to achieve this by improving the quality of the care and support available, as well as to give people with mental health issues more control over their own lives. We also fight the prevalent prejudice in society.

Meet others at your local association

Your local association is a meeting point for people with same or similar experiences as yourself. Here you can enjoy a Swedish fika and a chat with someone likeminded, or participate in other activities, such as courses or excursions. One of the great advantages of our organisation is our peer support work. Joining us could be a first step towards improving your life situation.

International work

RSMH is, together with the Swedish umbrella organisation MyRight, involved in international development work. We currently have projects in Tanzania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are also part of the international mental health user movement, as well as The Swedish Disability Rights Federation (Funktionsrätt Sverige).

Porträtt Khai Chau

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When I walk in through the doors, I feel at home. I don't have to explain myself. - Khai Chau, member of RSMH.